Here's some real life testimonials from tired moms just like you who have found success in working with me!

"When we first contacted Rachel, our 5 month old twins were experiencing difficulty sleeping. The twins were using several sleep crutches, such as being rocked to sleep, milk, and soothers. Our hope was to transition both twins to a consistent nap and night time schedule, in their own cribs. With the help of Rachel, we were able to train both babies to self soothe and eliminating all sleep crutches. In addition within 10 days, the twins learned to sleep through each others cries and noises, while also developing the same sleep schedule. We highly recommend Rachel, she developed a plan that honoured our family values and philosophy. This allowed our twins and us to get better sleep. Rachel was extremely supportive throughout the entire process, checking in daily and helping us to feel confident. Rachel is extremely knowledgable in alternative sleep products and strategies that help support and enhance your sleep plan. Thank you Rachel for all your help!"

"Thank you again for all your help.  Her night sleeping has been life changing for all of us.  I’m so glad she is getting more of the rest she (and I) needed.  Your continued help and encouragement has been amazing.  I KNOW we would have not been this successful so quickly with her nighttime sleep without you."

"Both girls have been consistently sleeping through the night since we implemented those changes to their bedtime routine. That alone is AMAZING! It’s so nice not having to wake up multiple times in the morning to replace a pacifier! Naps are still a work in progress, they are stubborn and get thrown off very easy but I do feel like I have the right tools to continue. Thank you so much for your guidance! We are all a little more well rested with your help!"

"We met Rachel and her sweet baby on a flight and could not be more thankful for that random encounter. We had been building a new home so moving around a lot and our almost 2 year old, Jack, was struggling with the changes. He wasn't going to bed until 10pm every night, waking in the night, and up at 5am for the day. Rachel took the time to listen to our issues, evaluate our needs and give us the most thorough and thought out plan to try and help our little guy get back in a normal routine. Within a few nights Jack was falling asleep more like 8-8:30pm rather than 10pm which was amazing for us. The best part of having Rachel as our sleep consultant was her support and genuine care. She checked on us constantly to make sure we were doing okay and gave suggestions when we weren't. She was always available and responded within minutes if we had questions or concerns. Not only through the bad, but when our good milestones happened she was the ultimate cheerleader in the world's most difficult sport...parenting! We are so so thankful to Rachel and the tools and help she has provided our family to get some long needed sweet sleep."

"I am a mother to boy/girl twins that are 6 months adjusted. I followed the same guidelines with both babies and while my girl was a good sleeper, my son just wasn't and I really struggled. Some babies have a temperament where even if you do everything right and follow all the guidelines they just have a hard time learning how to put themselves to sleep and require some sort of sleep training. I tried everything, read all the books, bought all the products and nothing worked. On a good night we got maybe 2-3 hours of sleep.

I knew that if I was going to sleep train, I wanted to make sure I did it right and since the well being of my children were involved I wanted to make sure I had the support of an expert available. Rachel was very understanding of my situation and having sleep trained her own kids of varying temperaments she knew exactly how I felt. She created a custom sleep plan for both of my babies and thoroughly answered all the questions I had. Then as I started the training she made sure she was always available and frequently checked in with me. Whenever I ran into a problem she always provided me with suggestions to address the situation. I went from rocking both babies to sleep in their swaddles to successfully placing them in their cribs awake and having them fall asleep. Something I never dreamed possible. The nights and naps are still a work in progress but just the few nights of solid 12 hour sleeps through the night have been worth the money and then some! I'm so glad I found Rachel and highly recommend her to anyone looking to return to a good nights sleep."

"Ever since reaching out to Rachel, my 8 month old sleeps 12 hours a night with 0 night feedings - before it was 2-3 a night!  Highly recommend!"

"The boys slept from 6pm to 7am...that was the longest stretch!  I cannot thank you enough for the better sleep I am getting!  I am really glad we invested in having you help us!"

"I will always remember and be grateful to have found Rachel and have her guide me!  She went above and beyond and reassured us EVERY step along the way!  My husband and I thought we had it under control trying to get our 17 month old breastfeeding/bed sharing baby in his own crib for the first time.  We found lots of helpful tips online and implemented them all.  But after two months of being nap trapped every day and us not sleeping well at night I knew we needed a professional.  That's when I found Rachel!  I loved her gentle approach and consideration of our own personal parenting style when developing our custom plan.  By night 3 my son was sleeping 12 hours and about a week later he was napping 2, sometimes 3 hours!  I feel so refreshed and my son is so much happier!  I get time at night with my husband!  It has changed many aspects of our daily life.  I love how predictable things have become with our daily schedule.  Also my son actually looks forward to bedtime and loves to participate in his routine.  I never thought my son would actually want to go to bed!  Rachel has a passion for helping others and it really shows.  After our phone consultation I knew she was the one!  Again Rachel, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

"My first daughter night weaned and sleep trained so easily that when I had my second, I had no clue how to handle her persistent night wakings and erratic nap schedule.  At 6 months old she was still nursing 3 times a night and waking up at a different time each day.  Rachel helped me get her on a schedule that worked not only for her, but for our entire family.  She helped me gently sleep train and night wean my daughter down to one night feeding (my choice) using a gentle method that I felt comfortable with, in less than 2 weeks!  And even though there are some things to work on, she left me feeling confident in how to handle any sort of sleep situation such as short naps, early morning wake-ups, outings, and juggling multiple kids at bedtime when my husband is out of town.  But what really stood out to me is how Rachel is highly responsive to questions and cares so much about her clients!  If you're in any way unhappy with how your baby is sleeping, I highly recommend her!"

"My postpartum depression was at an all time high due to lack of sleep. My twins have different personalities & sleep patterns but Rachel patiently worked with is until we got both boys on the same schedule! Not only did we start getting longer nap stretches but we also achieved a later morning wake time!  Rachel was available every time I needed her and quickly responded! I will tell everyone I know about her because she definitely saved my sanity!"

"Rachel with The Slumber Studio is a saving grace for our family. I spent a lot of my pregnancy and my son’s newborn life googling topics to death, one of those topics being sleep. I was so concerned, and wanted to help Leo so much that I was completely overwhelmed. Rachel is so knowledgeable on infant sleep and very easy going in her delivery. It felt like I was chatting with a friend. She listened to all of my concerns and took those to heart. She understood our family dynamic and personalities and took that into account in the creation of our sleep plan. Leo went from waking up every 2-3 hours for either a pacifier or a bottle to sleeping 11 and 12 hours interrupted a night. We are all a much happier and well rested family thanks to Rachel!

"Just a few days ago, Enoch and Enosh were waking up 2-3 times a night.  Every wake, I would feed them to sleep. With twins, that was waking up 4-6 times a night.  Now, with just a week or so of sleep training, they are basically sleeping through the night!! No more night feedings! Yay!  Can't thank Rachel for her support through this process. No more nights with tears because of how much I miss going to sleep for longer than 4 hours.  They are such happy babies in the morning since they are well rested!"

"Rachel was the exact person I needed for helping my little man sleep. Maddox (4.5 months at the start of training) was going through his 4 month regression. Prior, he was sleeping like a champ, then 3.5 months hit and I was up every 2 hours with him again, if not more! He would also have nights where I would have to hold him for hours just for him to sleep. That’s when Rachel came in. She listened to everything that was going on and gave us a sleep training plan that would fit Maddox’s needs. I was so nervous the first night, but she kept texting me asking how things were going and kept encouraging me, letting me know this will only help Maddox and in the end, get momma sleep again! After night 1, Maddox was going to sleep without crying! 10 minutes after putting him in his crib he was sleeping. By night 3 he was sleeping 8 hours and by night 4, 9 hours straight. My mind was completely blown. She has been so easy to work with. Always giving good advice about from self care to sleep training during a vacation. I would recommend Rachel over and over again. Maddox is back to being so happy all the time, and so is momma!"

"Working with Rachel has really helped our family. She really took the time to listen right from the start. She heard our story and spent time getting to know who our child was so she can personalize our plan. My husband and I were lost for a while and she helped us get things back on track with our daughter through all those sleepless nights, naps, our late night phone calls and everything in between. We are forever grateful for her services."

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